Craniometric and biosystematic distinct characteristics of brown bear populations (Ursus arctos L.1758.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina with respect to the brown bear populations of south Carpathian Mountains in Romania


  • Radoslav Bosiljčić email:


Ursus arctos, craniometry, biosystematics, taxonomic status, Bolkay (1925)


This thesis represents an addition to our better understanding of the taxonomic status ofthe brown bear from Bosnia and Hercegovina, within the greater framework ofthe European bear populations. The research piece shows the methodology and up-to-date results ofresearch on this bear species (Ursus arctos, L. 1758), in the geographic region of BiH, from all the aspects cited in the title ofthis dissertation. Lacking the more thorough systematic research based on valid proving material, as well as the questionable taxonomic (intraspecial) status of the bear in the European region, it has been shown that a noticeable morphological difference between the Bosnian bear and the bear from the South Carpathian (Romanian) populations, in fact, exists. Using an analythical approach and data study, it has been decisively shown that the previously established taxon (Ursus arctos bosniensis, Bolkay, 1925.) from the area of BiH, is indeed scientifically based, and that it opens up a possibility offurther differentiation in the Balkan region. With that, the questionable status of our Bosnian brown bear (a small sample) is put within a new framework, and confirms the status of the sub-species in a much more persuasive manner, and hopefully, for posterity.






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