Contribution to the knowledge on the mycobiota of southeast Herzegovina – Diversity of the ascomycetous fungi in the territory of the „Orjen” Nature Park


  • Nedim Jukić Mycological Society MycoBH, Sarajevo – Trg Zlatnih ljiljana 34, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Smiljan Tomić Mycological Society MycoBH, Sarajevo – Trg Zlatnih ljiljana 34, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rade Gašić Karađorđeva 21, 70260 Mrkonjić Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina



check-list, inventory, mycology, Republic of Srpska, Trebinje


In order to create a preliminary check-list of fungal species in the territory of the “Orjen” Nature park, during 2019, a more comprehensive mycological field research and inventory study have been conducted. In total, four field researches have been organized in different periods of the year (February, May, June and October). Among all findings, 69 species of fungi from the phylum Ascomycota have been recorded. Herein the authors present preliminary list of those fungi with special emphasis on some of the most important ones with data about their morphology, ecology, distribution pattern and conservation guidelines included.
Out of all recorded species, the most numbered are the representatives from the families Pyronemataceae (15 species) and Helvellaceae (7 species) while Helvella (7 species) and Peziza (4 species) are the most numbered genera. Solid number of species, like Arachnopeziza obtusipila, Flammocladiella decora, Bryoscyphus rhytidiadelphi, Lasiobelonium belanense, Pseudombrophila ripensis represent novelties for the mycobiota of Bosnia and Herzegovina and some of these species are quite rare and have scattered populations worldwide.
The results gained from this study clearly indicates that the territory of the “Orjen” Nature park is one of the most important fungal diversity hot-spot in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. This courageous conclusion is in accordance with all previously closely related conducted biological studies which have valorised natural values of the Mt. Orjen before.
Still, preliminary check-list of ascomycetous fungi presented within this study should be considered just as a partial projection of total mycobiota diversity in this area.
That is why the continuation of the mycological research in this area together with closely organized fungal diversity monitoring process are one of the top priorities among the all upcoming activities which should be undertaken by the relevant authorities in the near future.






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